2023-24 Crown Club Membership

While our goal is always inclusivity of all Hornets fans and we encourage anyone and everyone to Back The Buzz, there are exclusive perks for members only:

  • 2023-24 Membership Kit - The Crown Club membership kit includes a Crown Club T-Shirt, Jersey Patch & Membership Card!! Use them all to make your friends jealous but make sure to carry your membership card for discounts at our events!
  • $50 Discount on Away Game Experiences - If you've never traveled to watch the Hornets play on an opponent's home court and dominate a section with teal and purple, you haven't lived. Plus, The Crown Club makes sure to visit the best cities in the USA for weekend games - so it's not just a trip to see the Hornets take on the Heat, it's a WEEKEND IN MIAMI. LETS GOOOOOOOOO!!!!
  • Free food (and other perks) at home game pre-parties and away game watch parties specifically for Crown Club members - Going to the Hive (yeah, we know it's not called that anymore) for a game? Stop in for a drink and a bite (The Local provides free food EVERY SINGLE HOME GAME) with fellow Hornets fans as we continue to build this community!
  • AND MUCH MORE!! Click Below For More Details!