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"We are often pegged as a place without culture, identity and history because of the rate of which this city has grown. Our history isn’t shared or taught and much of the physical evidence of it has been destroyed or lost somewhere along the journey. .....that growth was a double edged sword. We got the nice, shiny and entertaining things but we also lost our identity and some of the institutions that made this place Charlotte."

Scotty & Evan Kent

"It's a sauce."

Frank Kaminsky, when asked if BBQ is a food or a style of cooking.

"The best part about the name Hornets coming back today is that those two yahoos from Bring Back The Buzz are now irrelevant."

Brett Jensen, WBT

"I didn’t live up to expectations the last 2-3 years. I understand that. I know that......I apologize to the people here."

Nic Batum


Eric Collins