About Us

We believe we are entering into one of, if not the most, exciting era EVER of Hornets basketball.

For the first time in what feels like a very long time, the future is bright and we have an opportunity to really capitalize on the team’s success and change the culture of the fanbase for the better. A change that we hope sticks for generations to come.

Photo Credit: Brock Williams-Smith, NBAE via Getty Images

After a decade of Bringing Back The Buzz, we feel that the mission had changed.

The name was back. We have built an online community. We were hosting events. It was becoming more about the culture and the fan experience - now, we feel like it is the perfect time to take that to a new level.

We've partnered with our friends over at Roaring Riot to create a Hornets membership group designed to heighten the fan experience - from tailgating to trips to away games - we're sick of asking bars to change the TV to the home team, we're sick of watching the games alone and we're sure as hell sick of being ashamed of Backing The Buzz. 

Let’s unite and grow this fanbase and have one hell of a party in the process….