2021 Crown Club Membership

While our goal is always inclusivity of all Hornets fans and we encourage anyone and everyone to Back The Buzz, there are exclusive perks for members only:

  • 2021 Membership Kit - The first ever Crown Club kit features a Crown Club T-Shirt, Jersey Patch & Inaugural Season Membership Card. Use them all to make your friends jealous but make sure to carry your membership card for discounts at our events!
  • $50 Discount on Away Game Experiences - If you've never traveled to watch the Hornets play on an opponent's home court and dominate a section with teal and purple, you haven't lived. Plus, The Crown Club makes sure to visit the best cities in the USA for weekend games - so it's not just a trip to see the Hornets take on the Heat, it's a WEEKEND IN MIAMI. LETS GOOOOOOOOO!!!!
  • Free food (and other perks) at home game pre-parties and away game watch parties specifically for Crown Club members - Going to the Hive (yeah, we know it's not called that anymore) for a game? Stop in for a drink and a bite with fellow Hornets fans as we continue to build this community!
  • AND MUCH MORE!! Click Below For More Details!